March 15, 2023
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Last updated:
November 9, 2023

Smartsheet alternatives for better project management

March 15, 2023
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Last updated:
November 9, 2023

Smartsheet alternatives for better project management

Finding an efficient way to optimise how your business approaches project management can be one of the most effective ways to not only improve performance across the operation, but when managed properly, can play a significant role in improving the work-life balance of your entire team. 

With project managers under more pressure than ever before, a trend amplified by the unprecedented adoption of remote working, finding a platform that is able to cope with these growing demands can be a difficult, but a worthwhile task. 

There is an endless list of options now available on the market, many of them claiming to be ‘the best’, and to possess the ability to solve all your workplace woes. To help you begin navigating these superlative claims, and the often overwhelming jargon, we’ve picked out a few of the most common, less common, and best project management platforms out there if you’re on the hunt for a Smartsheet alternative. 

Smartsheet current UI

First of all, why would you need to look for a Smartsheet alternative? The platform offers a good entry point for junior project management and its spreadsheet format makes it an effective tool for data-focused businesses. 

However, that spreadsheet style does limit Smartsheet’s capabilities in terms of valuable and advanced project management tools, leaving it wanting when it comes to managing complex projects. It also lacks relatively basic features that most project managers would expect from a platform at this price point, such as an in-built communication system. 


Fluid PPM Project Dashboard

Yes. Shock. We’re backing Fluid as the perfect alternative to Smartsheet, but honestly with great reasoning.

The Fluid all-in-one project management suite comes equipped with all the enterprise-level features you’d expect from a premium solution, but packs it all into a dashboard that focuses on the simplicity of the best consumer-facing software. 

Streamlined meeting admin tools such as automated minute-taking and pre-set agenda templates help project managers keep meetings on track and ensure they deliver actionable next steps. Our expansive collection of dedicated collaboration tools ensure maximum visibility and productivity no matter where your teams are based. 

Aside from the obvious collaboration benefits outlined, Fluid has advanced capabilities and functionalities with financial reporting, planning and scheduling, putting it in a prime position to grow alongside your business, ideal for Project Portfolio Management too! Real-time data makes keeping on top of your projects a breeze through visibility and transparency for the whole team.  


Wrike Enterprise Project Management Tools

Wrike is a powerful project management platform and its enterprise-level features, such as in-depth reporting and real-time data collaboration capabilities, have made it a popular choice among businesses.

As is often the case with these enterprise focussed platforms, the learning curve can be quite steep. It can also be a fairly costly solution if you want access to the full range of premium features. 


ClickUp project management tool

Another decent alternative, ClickUp is comfortable handling multiple complex projects and workflows making it popular with larger teams. 

Again though, these advanced features can hamper ClickUp’s usability for even the most experienced project managers, so the whole team getting to grips with things could take a while.  


Intervals project management calendar

Intervals has proved effective for small teams looking for a simple way to measure how long it takes to complete a task, and make efficient decisions based on these insights. It’s also handy for compiling quick estimations of budgets. 

The platform’s interface does leave a lot to be desired though, and advanced task management features are few and far between, as are its integration options. 


Workzone project management UI

Another good entry point project management tool, thanks to its simplicity, is Workzone. Great for those who only need basic features and want to spend as little time as possible learning how to use the tool. 

For project managers who expect to be overseeing numerous projects, Workzone’s limited features will likely rule it out. No free version of the app can also be a little off-putting for those working on a tight budget. 


Scoro Dashboard

Scoro’s in-built CRM and ability to translate time spent on a project directly into costs is undoubtedly its big selling point, as is its automated billing feature and detailed reporting. 

This option is on the higher side of the price spectrum, and if you’re looking for anything beyond the fairly basic features, expect to dip deep into your pockets. Scoro’s planner feature also requires manual tracking, which can be a frustrating addition to busy workloads. 

Microsoft Project

Device screen displaying a project timeline in Microsoft Project

Geared more towards advanced, complex workflows, Microsoft Project is one of the original names in this space, offering support for multiple project management methodologies and coming with the valuable reliability you’d expect from a name like Microsoft.

Given its focus on advanced projects, those who are looking for a simple, intuitive option may struggle to get to grips with MS Project. The lack of integration options with popular tools like Salesforce and Zapier will also prove problematic to businesses who rely on these platforms. 


Teamwork user interface

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Teamwork, and for those who have previously worked with user-friendly tools like Trello, this may be a good fit. Its integration list is useful too, pairing with common features like Google Drive, Chrome, Slack, and more.

The trade-off is that advanced features don’t feature too prominently, so large teams and project managers overseeing multiple workflows might find it a little light. 


Basecamp UI

Aimed primarily at small to medium-sized businesses, Basecamp’s intuitive dashboard makes it a solid choice for those prioritising ease of use. The chat platform allows for real-time group communication while a useful universal search bar offers an efficient way to find what you’re looking for. 

There are drawbacks, however. Basecamp doesn’t come with too much in terms of advanced task organising or budgeting features, and project tracking tools are limited to Hill charts. No native time-tracking also means you’ll also have to rely on third-party solutions in this department. 

Oracle Primavera 

Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise user interface

Oracle Primavera is widely rated thanks to its ability to detect the risk of overruns quickly, a potentially priceless feature in any project management platform. 

With that being said, Primavera’s dashboard and overall interface is relatively complex and will feel outdated to many users, especially when compared to more modern, user-friendly alternatives. The high price tag can also be a bit of a hurdle to overcome. 

What is the best Smartsheet alternative?

Fluid is built to be a project management tool that your team will actually want to use, with a primary focus to ensure work-life balance is a thing that does, in fact, exist. Alongside our aspiration to get you home on time rather than stuck behind your laptop, Fluid provides functionality to save you time, boost productivity and make your working life easier. 

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