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Manage and deliver your entire project portfolio with Fluid

Managing your resources ineffectively hits your budget hard and causes serious delays to your project. Easily allocate and track resources, apply rate cards to transform resource management.

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Allocate resource profiles to plans for optimal utilisation

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Manage and track actuals

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Forecast effectively with placeholder resources

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Enhanced transparent resource capacity tracking  

Fluid PPM financial report

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Reduce the risk of over resource allocation

Benefit from greater visibility, accuracy, and control over resources costs for more successful project outcomes.

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Accurate project cost management

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Make informed decisions

With accurate financials, project and portfolio/programme managers can identify areas where costs can be reduced or optimised and reallocate resources to areas that are most critical to the success of the project.

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Better budget management

By using adjustable rate cards to forecast and track resource costs, you can estimate project costs more accurately and manage budgets more efficiently.

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Efficient resource planning

Resource forecast and actuals data enable you to track resource utilisation and capacity, allowing you to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

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Improved financial reporting

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Accurate financial reporting

Fluid's resource forecast and actuals data provide a single source of information for financial reporting, enabling you to report on project performance accurately and in compliance with tax and audit regulations.

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Improved financial visibility

By maintaining resource forecast and actuals data within Fluid, you and your team can gain clearer visibility into project costs for more informed and data-driving decisions.

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Effective resource management

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Improved project planning

Anticipate future resource needs by incorporating resource placeholders into capacity planning, ensuring that projects are adequately staffed and that resources are available when needed.

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Efficient resource allocation

Tracking resource utilisation and capacity allows you to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Accurately estimate and track project resources

Proactively manage placeholders, minimising the risk of project delays and maintain project momentum.


Plan for future success

Ensure your projects have accounted for the resources they’ll need, even if they aren’t available yet, gearing you up for effective resource capacity planning.

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Fluid PPM financial forecasting

Forecast for better financial and capacity control

Adjustable rate cards for forecasting allow you to manage and forecast resource costs accurately, aiding better budget management and control.


Access accurate resourcing actuals data

Make more informed decisions with accurate actuals tracking data and better budget management and control.

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Fluid offers an entire suite of functionalities I need to track and report on project costing and resource management. The ‘all-in-one’ aspect makes it a valuable place to house our project cost management.

Anna, Financial Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

I have worked on projects and programmes for over 25 years and used MS Project, MS Excel, Planview, Smartsheet and more recently Wrike but never seen such a comprehensive project management and PMO tool.

Rav, PMO Consultant

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is an all-in-one Work Management System platform. It gives visibility of all activities in your business, business unit, team, incl status, due dates, resources and budgets.

Nicolette, Special Project Manager

5 star PPM Software Provider

The financial reporting in particular impressed me - paired with resource management capabilities like unlimited rate cards, roles, capped hours and placeholder resources - the reporting on project, programme and portfolio level is brilliant.

Shannon, Infrastructure Programme Support Officer

5 star PPM Software Provider

My life has become much easier having Fluid! I am able to track my workflow daily. I am able to track each project and assign actions and make decisions on each live. This really helps in monitoring and execution.


Avinash, Senior Sales and Strategy Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is a structured software solution that handles Tasks, Meetings, Projects and Portfolio Management. It scales from being a departmental solution to being an enterprise solution.

Gary, Managing Director

5 star PPM Software Provider

Questions? Answers.

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What is resource management in PPM?

Resource management in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) involves the identification, allocation, and utilisation of resources required to successfully complete a project. It aims to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the required standard.

How can Fluid help with my resource management?

Fluid is a project portfolio management software that offers features to help with effective resource management. It allows you to view all of your resources in one place, track their availability, and allocate them to projects easily. Fluid also provides real-time visibility into resource utilisations so you can make informed decisions and ensure your resources are being used to the optimal standard.

What are the best practices for resource management in project portfolio management and how can I implement them?

Best practices for resource management in PPM include having a centralised resource management process, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, understanding the prioritisation of resources and regularly monitoring resource utilisation. Fluid can also help to automate these processes.

What are the common challenges faced in resource management in project portfolio management, and how can we overcome them?

Common challenges in resource management include a lack of visibility into resource availability, poor resource utilisation rates, and competing demands for resources. To overcome these challenges, it’s essential to implement a robust PPM software that provides features to overcome the usual pitfalls. Fluid is an all-in-one solution, so it helps you manage every area of your project, in one convenient place.

What are the benefits of effective resource management in project portfolio management and how can we measure them?

The benefits of effective resource management include improved project outcomes, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and optimised resource utilisation. These benefits can be measured using metrics such as resource utilisation rates, project completion rates, and project costs.

What are the different types of resources that need to be managed in project portfolio management and how can we manage them effectively?

Essentially, anyone who has a hand in the successful completion of a project is a resource that needs to be managed and their time accounted for. Effective resource management is vital for the success of your project and taking the time to communicate with them, understand their capacity and requirements will go a long way in effectively managing them.

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