Drive Proactive Mitigation With Portfolio Risk Management

Manage and deliver your entire project portfolio with Fluid

Deliver projects with robust risk management – the key to achieving transparency and accountability.

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Comprehensive risk tracking and mitigation to drive proactive management.

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Configurable dashboards with escalation and filtering

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Custom matrix, automated scoring, cross project dependencies and confiburable data fields

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Built in governance with standard risk templates for new projects

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Complete visibility of your risks, impacts, and dependencies

Leverage Fluid's risk management tools for maximum clarity and accountability in managing your project risks. Gain real-time insights, ensure responsible risk acceptance, mitigation and management

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Risk management made easy

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Identify and Document Risks

The platform enables thorough documentation of risks, issues, dependencies, lessons learned, and changes. Each risk is assigned a score, mitigation plan, and status history. This comprehensive tracking ensures proactive management and effective resolution of potential threats.

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Configurable Data Capture

The platform allows for the configuration of risk metadata to align with the specific needs and structure of the business. This flexibility ensures that all relevant risk information is captured accurately and comprehensively.

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Ownership and Accountability

Automated acknowledgements and handshakes ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities and commitments.

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Automated Risk Assessment and Reporting

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Custom Risk Matrix

The risk matrix can be tailored to the specific needs and context of the organisation. By setting up a standard risk scoring framework, the organisation ensures consistent and objective evaluation of risks across all projects

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Easily setup custom Risks & Issues dashboards by portfolio, business owner, project status and any other metadata.

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Escalate Risks & Issues

Use the promotion option to escalate your risk & issues to four levels of reporting. Enabling PMs to create reports focused on the things that matter

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User-Friendly Interface and Collaboration

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Project Inter dependencies

Efficiently manage project interdependencies to ensure that the relationships and interactions between various projects are seamlessly coordinated. By addressing resource allocation, schedule alignment, and potential conflicts, this feature helps streamline project workflows and enhance overall project success.

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Configure To Your Needs

By tailoring the risk types and associated data to the organisation's requirements, the platform supports more effective risk identification, assessment, and management.

Replace reactive issue  management with proactive risk mitigation strategies

Proactively manage your project portfolio risks


Real time tracking of risks, dependencies and issues across your portfolio

Gain full visibility into your project risks, issues, dependencies, and lessons learned, ensuring potential threats are identified and addressed proactively. Eliminate unexpected issues with real-time risk tracking and mitigation strategies.

Manage Your Risks & Issues

Clear Accountability for Risks

Fluid helps keep projects on track by making it easy to acknowledge and manage risks and issues. With Fluid, everyone on the team can see potential problems early on, understand who is responsible for addressing them, and track their progress. This transparency ensures that issues are dealt with promptly and effectively, fostering a sense of accountability among team members. Keeping everyone informed and responsible.

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Custom Risk Frameworks

Easily Setup and Track Custom Data

Fluid makes it simple to set up and track custom data on risks. With intuitive tools, you can easily customise risk parameters to fit your project’s specific needs. This flexibility allows you to capture and monitor the most relevant risk data, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

By enabling tailored risk management, Fluid ensures that you have the precise information you need to address potential issues promptly and effectively, keeping your project on track.


Access accurate time transaction forecast & actuals data

Analyse and make informed decisions with accurate forecasts, actuals and financials.

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Fluid offers an entire suite of functionalities I need to track and report on project costing and resource management. The ‘all-in-one’ aspect makes it a valuable place to house our project cost management.

Anna, Financial Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

I have worked on projects and programmes for over 25 years and used MS Project, MS Excel, Planview, Smartsheet and more recently Wrike but never seen such a comprehensive project management and PMO tool.

Rav, PMO Consultant

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is an all-in-one Work Management System platform. It gives visibility of all activities in your business, business unit, team, incl status, due dates, resources and budgets.

Nicolette, Special Project Manager

5 star PPM Software Provider

The financial reporting in particular impressed me - paired with resource management capabilities like unlimited rate cards, roles, capped hours and placeholder resources - the reporting on project, programme and portfolio level is brilliant.

Shannon, Infrastructure Programme Support Officer

5 star PPM Software Provider

My life has become much easier having Fluid! I am able to track my workflow daily. I am able to track each project and assign actions and make decisions on each live. This really helps in monitoring and execution.


Avinash, Senior Sales and Strategy Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is a structured software solution that handles Tasks, Meetings, Projects and Portfolio Management. It scales from being a departmental solution to being an enterprise solution.

Gary, Managing Director

5 star PPM Software Provider

Questions? Answers.

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What reporting capabilities does Fluid offer for risk and issue management?

Fluid offers extensive reporting capabilities for risk and issue management, including customizable dashboards, detailed reports, and visual analytics. These tools provide insights into risk exposure, issue resolution timelines, and overall project health. Users can generate reports on demand or schedule regular reports to keep stakeholders informed about the status and impact of risks and issues.

How does Fluid help in identifying and managing risks?

Fluid provides comprehensive risk management features that allow users to identify, assess, and prioritize risks. The platform offers customizable risk templates, scoring mechanisms, and risk matrices to evaluate the impact and likelihood of risks. Additionally, Fluid supports ongoing monitoring and reporting, ensuring that risks are tracked and mitigated effectively throughout the project lifecycle.

Can Fluid’s risk and issue management features be customized to fit our specific needs?

Yes, Fluid’s risk and issue management features are highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization. Users can tailor risk templates, scoring criteria, and workflows to align with their risk management framework. Custom fields, categories, and dashboards allow teams to capture and track information in a way that best supports their unique processes and reporting requirements. This flexibility ensures that Fluid can adapt to diverse organizational practices and enhance overall risk and issue management effectiveness.

How does Fluid support portfolio risk reporting and escalation?

Fluid provides comprehensive portfolio risk reporting and escalation features that enable organizations to manage risks across multiple projects effectively. Users can aggregate risk data from individual projects to gain a portfolio-level view, identify systemic risks, and prioritize critical issues. The platform supports automated escalation processes, ensuring that high-impact risks are promptly brought to the attention of senior management or designated stakeholders. Customizable reports and dashboards offer insights into risk trends, mitigation effectiveness, and overall portfolio health, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive risk management.

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