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Our Portfolio Management Software allows you to Manage your entire project and work management world in one, unified platform

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Why use Fluid for your portfolio management software?

Most companies use multiple software packages to manage meetings, track work and projects and employee communication, causing an expensive disconnection between people and processes.

Fluid is the only comprehensive project portfolio management software solution, utilising visual dashboards, presenting intuitive integration of meeting tracking, task management and automation.

Project Reporting

The Portfolio Management Software the allows you to execute every stage with clarity

See the status of all of your projects at a glance with clear, visual, and intuitive project dashboards to stay on track and reach your business objectives.

Fluid project portfolio report by RAG status
Fluid project workspace project information and project financials
Project Workspace

All moving parts of your project, connected with our Portfolio Management Software

View and update statuses, schedules, risks, actions, financials, resourcing and more. Upload project documents, link your meetings and boards, and use Fluid as a single view of the entire project ecosystem.

Action tracking

All your tasks in one place

You and your team’s personal inbox for actions from projects, boards, meetings, and chat, all laid out in a filterable action tracker for ease of use.

Fluid actions and decisions log
Fluid Gantt chart showing project schedule, dependencies and milestones
Gantt Charts

See how the milestones fit together

Use Gantt charts to create project plans that help you stay on schedule—set dependencies and impacts so you know how to hit your deadlines.

Kanban Boards

The workflow possibilities are endless

Create Kanban boards to plot out workflows and boost team collaboration. Control access and customise columns to reflect your workflow stages.

Fluid Kanban board highlighting customised workflow
Fluid custom meeting agenda builder
Meeting Management

Turn meetings into your super weapon

Use interactive agendas to make decisions and create follow-up tasks automatically. Share meeting minutes in seconds, not days.


Everyone aligned, on the same mission

Bring project teams and stakeholders together over one shared platform. Bridge communication silos, allocate resources, update changes in 'real time' and keep projects moving forward.

Fluid work insight dashboard

Find out how other teams like yours are working a better day with Fluid Portfolio Management Software.

We’ll show you how Fluid can help your team, division, or company - no matter the size.

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