All-in-one project portfolio management software package

Manage and deliver your entire project portfolio with Fluid

Are you tired of having to hunt for the latest project data across a number of disconnected tools and spreadsheets? PMOs running on all-in-one ppm software deliver more of the right projects on time.

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All (real-time) project data in one platform

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Visibility of your entire portfolio

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Governance, standards and templates

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Customised around your processes

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Deliver more of the right projects at the right time

Take full control of your project portfolio and deliver more projects aligned with your company’s strategic drivers with our all-in-one project portfolio management platform.

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Manage all projects in one place

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Unified Project Workspace

All project work centralised including your actions & decisions, scheduling, impacts & risks, boards and more.

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Track, schedule and optimise your resources to ensure your projects are delivered on time and in budget.

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Effectively manage your budget allocations, cost and time tracking at project, program and portfolio level.

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Governance and Workflows

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Project Planning

Optimise your project pipeline management with configurable work requests and processes.

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Resource Planning

Manage and forecast resource capacity and identify the best resources for each project.

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Advanced Boards

Create and customise Kanban and Sprint Boards with your methodologies and processes. Work your way. 

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Ensure standards across the portfolio with custom templates for projects, meetings, processes and more.

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Reporting and Analytics

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Advanced Reporting

Zoom in on project detail with dozens of reporting templates and customisable filters.

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Custom Dashboards

Create and customise your dashboards and create your perfect view of your portfolio.

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Exception Reporting

Identify and focus on projects deviations for variances. Get projects back on track earlier. 

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Automated Reporting and Templates

Save your team hours if not days per week on reporting. That means more time for managing projects.

Getting started is easy

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All-in-one project collaboration

Empower your project team to deliver more

Meeting Management

Turn Meetings into your superweapon for moving projects forward faster

Use interactive meeting agendas to create and assign actions and decisions in real-time, auto-share minutes, monitor attendance and more. Completely eliminate meeting admin.

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Less emails, more contextual communication

Fluid lets you and your team collaborate on work across every component of the platform. Need a quick update on a project status? Easy.


Seamless integrations with your existing software

Your entire project-ecosystem aligned in one platform. Less tab-switching and work duplication and more alignment for all your projects.

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Fluid offers an entire suite of functionalities I need to track and report on project costing and resource management. The ‘all-in-one’ aspect makes it a valuable place to house our project cost management.

Anna, Financial Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

I have worked on projects and programmes for over 25 years and used MS Project, MS Excel, Planview, Smartsheet and more recently Wrike but never seen such a comprehensive project management and PMO tool.

Rav, PMO Consultant

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is an all-in-one Work Management System platform. It gives visibility of all activities in your business, business unit, team, incl status, due dates, resources and budgets.

Nicolette, Special Project Manager

5 star PPM Software Provider

The financial reporting in particular impressed me - paired with resource management capabilities like unlimited rate cards, roles, capped hours and placeholder resources - the reporting on project, programme and portfolio level is brilliant.

Shannon, Infrastructure Programme Support Officer

5 star PPM Software Provider

My life has become much easier having Fluid! I am able to track my workflow daily. I am able to track each project and assign actions and make decisions on each live. This really helps in monitoring and execution.


Avinash, Senior Sales and Strategy Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is a structured software solution that handles Tasks, Meetings, Projects and Portfolio Management. It scales from being a departmental solution to being an enterprise solution.

Gary, Managing Director

5 star PPM Software Provider

Questions? Answers.

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What PPM Products do you have available?

Fluid is an all-in-one PPM software package which means it provides end-to-end project management, so you don’t need multiple other tools. Combining project management, resources, financials, time tracking and reporting features all on a single platform, you can manage the life cycle of multiple projects from a single dashboard. 

Who are your PPM products for?

Fluid is suitable for organisations of all sizes and industries, from start-ups to large enterprises. As an all-in-one PPM software package, Fluid is beneficial for PMOs and project managers who have a wide project portfolio with varying levels of complexity.

Who uses PPM software?

PPM software is used by a PMO, project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, executives, and stakeholders involved in project portfolio management. Essentially, anyone who manages projects that require a robust system will want to use Fluid PPM software. 

Who values PPM?

PPM is highly valued by organisations that prioritise strategic alignment, portfolio optimisation, and resource efficiency in managing their project portfolios. Organisations with a PMO find PPM software highly valuable with standardisation and governance. 

What are the steps to develop a Project Portfolio?

The steps to develop a project portfolio typically involve defining strategic objectives, assessing project proposals, prioritising projects, allocating resources, monitoring performance, and adapting to changes. Effective PPM software not only helps to monitor the projects, but to develop them in the first place. 

What are the most important PPM considerations?

Some of the most important PPM considerations include strategic alignment, portfolio optimisation, resource capacity planning, risk management, stakeholder engagement, and performance measurement. Great PPM software should take into account these considerations and provide features to enable these to be handled efficiently. 

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