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Today’s organisations face constant challenges from changing markets, competition, and ever-evolving customer demands. Innovative businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities created in the disruption by adapting and delivering their strategic goals faster. 

That’s why Fluid exists. Our platform enables organisations to supercharge their approach to strategic delivery, whilst giving teams the best tools to deliver their best work.  

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Our Vision

We believe organisations need a better, easier, and more user friendly way to deliver value, adapt, change, and meet their strategic goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide organisations with a solution that can ensure value is delivered through their change initiatives and projects, strategic goals are aligned to, and that each and every user of Fluid gains something from using the tool. We don't want to sell software, we want to add value and allow organisations to make change their business advantage.

Our Values

Very nice people

Our staff, clients, families and networks; everyone we surround ourselves with that lives our values, and helps to achieve our mission.


We’re open and honest; integrity is important to us. We enjoy our wins and work on our challenges, together.


We pride ourselves on doing the right thing, even if it means challenging the status quo for the greater good.


We are ambitious, always striving to do better and achieve excellence.


We are a team. Things may not always be smooth sailing, but we’re here to help and support one another.

Our Leadership

Jared Whitaker
Jared Whitaker

Jared is the driving force behind Fluid and our mission to make a difference. With 20 years' experience in project management, he is perfectly placed to steer the ship.

Dan Justin
Dan Justin

Dan and his team ensure Fluid is utilising the latest technology and driving innovation. Before founding Fluid. With 20+ years of software engineering under his belt, there isn't much he doesn't know.

Martine Magnan
Martine Magnan

With a PHD in computer science and 20+ years’ experience, Martine has been leading the product since the very beginning, ensuring we deliver our vision whilst balancing the needs of our customers and the market.

Nicola Boshoff
Nicola Boshoff
Head of Customer Success

Nicola has a passion for people and strives to ensure our customers are happy. Whether you deal with her or her team she will make sure we stick with you every step of the journey!

Olly Silver
Olly Silver
Marketing Director

As Marketing Director, Olly oversees Fluid's marketing strategy to drive awareness and demand for the platform. Olly has over 10 years' experience in marketing SaaS and software platforms.

Lis Sparrow
Lis Sparrow
Finance Director

As Finance Director, Lis provides financial management, planning and analysis. Lis qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG, and then gained extensive industry experience with EMI Records and owner-managed businesses in Digital Media & E-learning.

Lis Sparrow
Shane Miller
Head of Sales

Shane brings over a decade of software sales experience. He is extremely passionate about Fluid’s offering and loves understanding customer needs to help their businesses grow and become more efficient.

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We provide organisations with a better, easier, and more user friendly way to deliver value, adapt, change, and meet their strategic goals.
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