Fluid for Project Pipeline

A Project Pipeline Software that can effectively manage business cases, project ideas and submissions, from ideation and planning, all the way to execution with one Fluid solution.

Simplify your submission process

Optimise your project pipeline management with configurable work requests and processes. Analyse against scoring criteria and available resources to efficiently streamline approvals.

Fluid work request process for project pipeline
Fluid demand management process kanban board for project pipeline

Plan ahead in confidence

An overview of all project intake in one place ensures complete visibility of upcoming work, giving you the opportunity to effectively prioritise and manage resources.

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Project idea to project workspace

Seamlessly move project proposals to collaborative project workspaces at any stage, whilst keeping visibility of key information like change requests and ROI from ideation.

Fluid Project idea to project workspace

Plan, Prioritise, Execute

Planning icon

Enhance planning

More efficient prioritisation and planning with project intake and management in one platform.

Workflows icon

Optimise Workflows

Project requesters have full visibility throughout the process, removing the need for regular updates.

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Stronger project pipeline

With a dedicated platform and central view of all work requests, the bank of ideas continues to build.

Requests icon

Manage requests effectively

Workflow management is not limited to project intake in Fluid, it can be used for any work requests from your team.

Questions? Answers.

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What is project pipeline management? 

Project pipeline management involves managing a pipeline of potential projects. It involves defining and prioritising projects based on an organisation’s strategic goals, determining ROI, as well as analysing what the resource requirements and deadlines are to ensure the project can begin at the right time.

What software is used for project pipeline tracking?

Project pipeline tracking software is designed to help manage and monitor the progress of projects in a pipeline. It can provide real-time visibility into project status, help identify potential bottlenecks or delays, and support decision-making by providing insights into project health and performance. Some examples of pipeline tracking software include Fluid, Trello, Asana, Monday.com, and Wrike.

What is a project pipeline management system?

A project pipeline management system is a tool that helps organisations manage their pipeline of potential projects, from identifying and evaluating project ideas to selecting and prioritising projects for execution. A pipeline management system can help improve project visibility, optimise resource allocation, and support informed decision-making.

How do I create a project pipeline?

To create a project pipeline, start by identifying potential project ideas, evaluating them based on strategic fit and feasibility, and prioritising them for execution. Fluid can help you to organise your pipeline or projects, maintain the project proposals in a manner that is easy to digest and keep all the information you need in one place for efficiency. 

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