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The PMO is the engine room of change in your business. Arm it with Al-based insights and all the purpose-built PMO tools needed to deliver value from your strategic initiatives faster.

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5 ways Fluid helps PMOs deliver strategic value


Manage by exception

With all project and portfolio information in one place, you can focus your attention where it's needed most. Spend less time on reporting and more time on delivering value.

Cortex New

Accurate project data with AI-powered governance

The world's first Al for PMO, Cortex constantly highlights project exceptions through machine learning. Easily roll out standards and governance whilst creating a feedback loop between your PMO and PMs and drive continuous improvement.

Resource Management

All resources prioritised around strategic objectives

No more fog around where you're spending your resource dollars. Utilise your resource pool based on priority, roles, skills, allocation, team and more. Get all your teams on the same page and deliver strategic value faster.

Stakeholder Management

Enable accountable and transparent decision making

Capture and track every key action and decision from projects, meetings, tasks, schedules and see confident decision-making take hold. Understand the impact of decisions by tracking them in context.

Project Intake

Prioritising the right projects got easier

Standardise and automate your project intake process with request workflows and approvals. Always start the right projects, aligned with your business drivers.

“The agility Fluid provides has allowed us to adapt quickly to market changes and stay ahead of the competition.”

Executive Head: EPMO


Fluid offers an entire suite of functionalities I need to track and report on project costing and resource management. The ‘all-in-one’ aspect makes it a valuable place to house our project cost management.

Anna, Financial Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

I have worked on projects and programmes for over 25 years and used MS Project, MS Excel, Planview, Smartsheet and more recently Wrike but never seen such a comprehensive project management and PMO tool.

Rav, PMO Consultant

5 star PPM Software Provider

The financial reporting in particular impressed me - paired with resource management capabilities like unlimited rate cards, roles, capped hours and placeholder resources - the reporting on project, programme and portfolio level is brilliant.

Shannon, Infrastructure Programme Support Officer

5 star PPM Software Provider

My life has become much easier having Fluid! I am able to track my workflow daily. I am able to track each project and assign actions and make decisions on each live. This really helps in monitoring and execution.

Avinash, Senior Sales and Strategy Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is a structured software solution that handles Tasks, Meetings, Projects and Portfolio Management. It scales from being a departmental solution to being an enterprise solution.

Gary, Managing Director

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is an all-in-one Work Management System platform. It gives visibility of all activities in your business, business unit, team, incl status, due dates, resources and budgets.

Nicolette, Special Project Manager

5 star PPM Software Provider

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How do I set up a PMO?

When setting up a PMO (Project Management Office), start by defining your objectives and aligning them to your organisation’s strategic drivers. By 2025, 75% of all PMO value measures will be focused on strategic business value. You will then need to assemble a qualified PMO team and assign roles and responsibilities. Choose an appropriate PMO software tool (cough... Fluid) to help you standardise processes, governance and provide a single source of truth. Implementing performance metrics are incredibly important! Metrics allow you to track progress, gain insights, and spot exceptions. Reports are always needed for stakeholder management, which is critical. The final area is guidance and support by providing ongoing training and fostering a collaborative culture. In the Project Economy, you need to be able to adapt to changes fast and monitor your project portfolios to ensure they are always aligned and delivering real value against your organisation’s strategic objectives.

What is PMO software?

PMO software is a tool that has been purpose-built with capabilities to empower a PMO, such as streamlining and automating your project management processes. It should include capabilities for demand intake and project planning, real-time reporting, stakeholder management, governance and standardisation, resource management, financial management and collaboration.

What is PMO in a box?

We refer to PMO in a box as a pre-packed solution that contains all the essential components for setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) or helping an established PMO grow in maturity. It includes templates, tools, processes and guidelines designed to accelerate a PMO’s development.

Do I need to be a mature PMO to use Fluid?

No! Fluid has the capabilities to support PMOs from infancy right up to capitalisation and funding. Fluid is modular by design, which enables our customers to use the functionality they need and turn on new capabilities as they mature. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

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