September 7, 2023
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September 20, 2023

5 best enterprise project management software of 2023

September 7, 2023
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Last updated:
September 20, 2023

5 best enterprise project management software of 2023

In the bustling world of business, companies turn to Enterprise Project Management (EPM) software to be their guiding light. Like a superhero of organisation, EPM’s superpower is effortlessly managing multiple projects across a variety of teams and locations. 

Unlike regular project management software, and even small business project management software, EPM software is the heavyweight hero of large-scale projects. Enterprise project management software has tailored tools making it suitable for big organisations. With its detailed tracking, efficient execution, and robust planning, EPM software ensures exceptional efficiency and collaboration. 

Consider EPM software not just an upgrade, but a strategic investment that allows enterprises to boldly drive projects forward. It's a panoramic view of project portfolios, real-time progress tracking and optimised resource allocation. Coupled with seamless integration with other systems, it’s an all-in-one software! With EPM software, decision-makers can confidently overcome the challenges of business. 

Why do you need enterprise project management software? 

Whether it's a gigantic construction project, or a cutting-edge digital initiative, EPM software leads to streamlined workflows, improved collaboration, and project success. 

Managing enterprise-level projects without dedicated software is like navigating a complex maze without a map. Enterprise project management software provides that map, guiding you through every twist and turn with clarity. It transforms chaos into order, helping enterprises juggle multiple projects, teams, and deadlines seamlessly.  

What benefits should EPM be providing? 

So, you know you need enterprise project management software, you get it’s importance. But what value does it actually add to your business and how?   

  1. Efficiency amplified: Enterprise project management software introduces a streamlined workflow, ensuring that projects progress without unnecessary bottlenecks. It optimises resource allocation, prevents conflicts, and minimises wastage of time and effort. 
  1. Insightful decision-making: Information is power, and these tools deliver it in plenty. Enterprise project management software equips decision-makers with real-time data to make informed choices that drive projects forward. 
  1. Adaptation and agility: In a rapidly evolving business landscape, adaptability is non-negotiable. These software solutions assist agile project management, allowing enterprises to adjust, and respond to changes swiftly. 
  1. Competitive edge sharpened: In the quest for competitiveness, precision is key. EPM software provides precision in planning, execution, and monitoring, to keep organisations ahead of the curve.  

Features you need from enterprise project management software 

As enterprises embark on huge journeys, they need project management software that's robust. But what should you look for in this complex landscape? Here are the features that can make or break your enterprise project management software selection: 

Comprehensive project planning and execution 

Think of EPM software as a digital architect, precisely planning and executing each project. It breaks down intricate workflows into manageable tasks while keeping an eye on the big picture. For large-scale projects involving diverse teams, the software keeps you in full control with tools to align moving parts seamlessly. 

Effective resource management and allocation 

Resources are the heartbeat of any project – nothing gets done without them! EPM software acts as a conductor, helping project managers to smartly allocate resources across various projects and departments. It ensures each resource is utilised optimally to create that truly perfect harmonious performance. 

Enhanced collaboration and communication 

Everyone says it because it’s true - collaboration is key. EPM software functions as a digital meeting ground, fostering smooth interactions among teams that may span different locations and time zones. This is ideal for the remote working world we find ourselves in. 

Security and compliance features 

Your data is your organisation’s most precious gem, and EPM software should be the vault that safeguards it. Strong security and compliance features are a must! The chosen software should have stringent security standards, this ensures sensitive information is shielded from any potential threat.   

Advanced reporting and analytics 

EPM compiles data, generates reports, and serves up analytics that guide decision-making. For executives steering the ship, this is like having a navigator providing real-time updates on the journey's progress. 

What other factors should you consider when choosing project management software? 

Selecting the perfect project management software is like solving a complex puzzle. Every piece adds to the big picture of success. Here are some puzzle pieces you should make sure are the right fit for you:   

Robust tool for advanced projects and integrations  

This is arguably the most important puzzle piece – providing said robust tool already has the right features for you. A tool that can act as your control centre for projects and adapts to the needs of a fast-paced environment. Ensuring integration with existing tools will make project working even easier and make a solid working environment for all project aspects. 

Customisation and configurability 

Every enterprise has its unique rhythm, and your project management software should be in tune with that. Customisation and configurability allow you to tailor the software to fit your specific workflows and requirements. Your processes shouldn’t adapt to software, rather the chosen software should fit like a glove, boosting productivity and efficiency. 

Vendor support and training 

Navigating a new software without a guide is no easy task! Enterprise project management software should make your life easier, not add more complications. This means strong vendor support and training resources are a must! Look for software providers offering comprehensive training and onboarding. Readily available support (the human kind, not the generic chatbots that keep directing you to FAQs that aren’t answering your Qs!) are important too. 

What is the best enterprise project management software?  

When it comes to enterprise project management software, we’ve put together a list of the best options based on their suitability to enterprise organisations. 


Fluid PPM software project example
Fluid PPM Software Project Example

Fluid is a powerful enterprise project management software platform that encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools. It's designed to streamline complex workflows, foster collaboration, and provide real-time insights. 


  • Intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users. 
  • Advanced features like customisable workflows, Gantt charts, and resource allocation. 
  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities for data-driven decision-making. 


  • We’re biased so the only problem you’ll have is looking like a complete project wiz with incredible success rates! 

Average cost: ££ 

Pricing varies based on the enterprise's specific needs, with a free trial available to help you get to grips.  

Ease of use: Fluid is designed with user-friendliness in mind, catering to diverse user levels within the enterprise. 

Functionality: Fluid's comprehensive suite covers project planning, resource management, collaboration, reporting, and more, making it suitable for large-scale projects. 

Microsoft Project 

Microsoft Project software homepage
Microsoft Project software

Microsoft Project is a seasoned player in the enterprise project management realm. It offers a range of tools for planning, tracking, and collaboration.  


  • Integration with other Microsoft tools for seamless workflow. 
  • Powerful project planning and scheduling features. 
  • Compatibility with various project management methodologies. 


  • Learning curve for newcomers. 
  • Complex features may not be suitable for smaller teams or projects. 

Average cost: ££££ 

Pricing varies based on the subscription plan and enterprise size but is on the higher side in comparison to other solutions.  

Ease of use: Microsoft Project offers powerful capabilities but may require training for optimal utilisation. 

Functionality: Microsoft Project excels in project planning, resource management, and timeline visualisation, making it a solid choice for enterprises. 

Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera software homepage
Oracle Primavera software

Oracle Primavera is renowned for its advanced project portfolio management capabilities, catering to enterprises with complex project ecosystems. 


  • Robust features for managing portfolios, resources, and financials. 
  • Integration with other Oracle solutions for a unified enterprise ecosystem. 
  • Supports large-scale projects with intricate dependencies. 


  • Steeper learning curve due to advanced functionalities. 
  • Pricing is higher compared to other similar solutions. 

Average cost: ££££ 

Pricing varies based on enterprise requirements but tends to be on the higher side compred to other options.   

Ease of use: Oracle Primavera's advanced features may require training, especially for new users. 

Functionality: Primavera excels in handling complex project portfolios, resource management, risk analysis, and financial planning. 


Workfront software homepage
Workfront software

Workfront focuses on work management and collaboration, empowering enterprises to optimise their processes and workflows. 


  • Intuitive user interface with customisable dashboards. 
  • Strong emphasis on collaboration and task management. 
  • Robust reporting and analytics for data-driven insights. 


  • Might require integration with other tools for comprehensive project management. 
  • Pricing might be higher for enterprises with extensive needs. 

Average cost: ££ 

Pricing varies based on the enterprise's specific requirements. 

Ease of use: Workfront's user-friendly interface encourages quick adoption by teams. 

Functionality: Workfront excels in work management, collaboration, and task tracking, making it suitable for enterprises with a focus on these aspects. 


Smartsheet software homepage
Smartsheet software

Smartsheet combines the familiarity of spreadsheets with project management features, offering a flexible solution for enterprises. 


  • Familiar spreadsheet interface with project management capabilities. 
  • Customisable templates for various project types. 
  • Integrations with popular business tools for enhanced functionality. 


  • May not offer the same level of depth as specialised project management software. 
  • Complex projects might require more advanced functionalities. 

Average cost: £££ 

Pricing varies based on the subscription plan and enterprise size. 

Ease of use: Smartsheet's spreadsheet-like interface makes it accessible to users comfortable with this format. 

Functionality: Smartsheet is suitable for enterprises looking for a versatile solution that combines spreadsheet functionality with project management features. 

Embrace the power of project management software for Enterprise 

Project management software is crucial, for all business sizes and lends itself particularly well to Enterprises. It supports large-scale operations, promoting collaboration, planning, and execution – all of which of course lead to overall business success! Leveraging such software isn't optional—it's necessary to stay competitive.    

Centralising project data, streamlining communication, and enabling real-time collaboration drive growth and productivity. But, when choosing a solution, ask the right questions to ensure alignment with organisational needs and values. Some key questions might be: 

  • What are the security measures in place? Such as where your data is stored and the standard provision of multi-factor authentication (MFA).  
  • What is the level of security and compliance that the software offers? 
  • Are there any restrictions on the total number of projects? 
  • What technical expertise is required in-house to roll out the software?  

In this era of fast-paced technology, businesses that use project management software are well-positioned for growth and success. By embracing these tools, businesses can reach their full potential, manage complexity effortlessly, and become industry leaders. 

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