All-in-one PPM software overview

All-in-one PPM software overview

What is PPM software?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software is a tool used by organisations to centralise and streamline the management of multiple projects. PPM software allows organisations to manage project portfolios, resources, finances, risks, and timelines. PPM software isn’t to be mistaken for Project Management software, the two have distinctive differences, notably with the number of projects being focused on, and the strategic alignment of the projects.

What is an all-in-one ppm software?

All-in-one PPM software combines different functionalities into a single platform which means it provides end-to-end project management, so you don’t need multiple other tools. These functions include project planning, resource management, performance management, and reporting. With an all-in-one PPM software, users can manage all their projects, resources, and reports in one place. Integrations can also be available depending on the provider which helps organisations to make the most of multiple tools where preferred.

How does all-in-one PPM software work?

Our Fluid all-in-one PPM software works by providing a unified platform that integrates all project management features into a single dashboard. Fluid allows organisations to plan, track, and manage projects and programs, allocate resources, manage budgets, and generate reports, without having to use several tools to do so. Fluid saves time and provides visibility into project performance and enables project managers to optimise their project portfolios for maximum return on investment.

Why is an all-in-one software beneficial?

All-in-one software offers several benefits over using multiple software solutions. Productivity is boosted considerably as all-in-one simplifies the workflow by providing a centralised platform for all activities, reducing the time spent moving between different software solutions. Not only is productivity boosted, but the overall effectiveness and efficiency of an all-in-one software provides a better foundation for successful project outcomes. For example, project data is much easier to track and monitor as all the information needed for project is housed in one area. With only one platform to use too, there’s a clear reduction the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining multiple vendors.

What features does Fluid all-in-one software have?

Fluid has a vast array of features, ideal for saving your teams time and money, and producing successful projects. Fluid offers an intuitive platform for creating and managing projects, combining the usual features you can expect such as boards and Gantt charts (although there’s nothing ‘usual’ about how simple and easy to use they are!), as well as more advanced features with financials and reporting. Fluid encompasses time tracking and resourcing, meeting minute functionality, as well as collaboration to make the working life easier for the entire team.

How much does an all-in-one PPM software cost?

The cost of an all-in-one PPM software can vary depending on the features and functionality required. Some PPM software may be available for free, or low costs, but the features may not allow for effective project management and may be better suited to simple task management. Fluid offers three tiers to ensure you have access to quality PPM software, regardless of your budget 

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