Communication and clarity: How to optimise your project management

September 7, 2022
min read

Communication and clarity: How to optimise your project management

September 7, 2022
min read

With tight deadlines, multiple resource pools to organise and regular status updates required by the board, the life of a project manager is rarely a straightforward one.

It’s a sentiment that now rings louder than ever. With many businesses having transitioned to remote working and full teams no longer assembled under one roof, slick project management can often prove difficult in a virtual setting. That is, without the right tools, of course.

Miscommunication is one of the leading causes of conflict among teams, while the project Management Institute’s Pulse of the Profession report found that one third of project managers cited unclearly defined visions from board level as the main reason their projects had failed.

Fluid allows project managers to streamline all aspects of project management in one place, from real-time individual progress updates and schedules right through to in-depth post-campaign reporting.

Below, we’ve run through three of the core foundations of any successful project, and explained how Fluid can help with each stage.

A need for transparency

It’ll come as no surprise that miscommunications are one of the most common stumbling blocks in any project, particularly when multiple teams are involved. That’s why it’s vital that all teams have complete visibility of what and when they are needed, with a clear understanding of who is responsible for delivering at each stage.

Fluid acts as a centralised platform for all project management communication, allowing all relevant parties to see exactly what is needed in real-time, eliminating the risk of crossed wires and misinterpretations. It also offers project managers a crystal-clear view of where things are up to, enabling them to spot and solve any potential issues before they even arise.

Get rid of mixed messages

We’ve all been there, you’ve just wrapped up what felt like an incredibly productive meeting that was flooded with great ideas. You get back to your desk to make sense of it all and your notepad is an illegible mess of scribbles and incoherent sentences, suddenly, you’re back to square one and need another meeting.

Fluid’s Pre Built Agenda Templates ensure meetings stay on time and on topic, giving you access to agenda items, notes, actions, decisions, project status and historical conversations at the click of a button. Then, by using our Automated Minutes tool, Project managers can then share notes and key tasks with everyone as soon as the meeting ends, allowing teams to get moving immediately after.

Goodbye to missed emails

On average, around 40% of email traffic is generated by meetings, so it’s hardly a surprise when crucial details get misconstrued, or missed entirely, in all that noise.

To combat this, updates, conversations and next steps are all kept within Fluid’s easy-to-navigate dashboard, decluttering your inbox and reducing the risk of vital information being lost in the midst of multiple, endless email chains. It also allows project managers a pain-free way to see precisely where things are up to, and gives everyone else a clear overview of their own responsibilities and next steps.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that businesses that adapt are the ones that thrive. This need for agility, however, has often meant increased pressure falls on the project managers responsible for holding it all together. If you’re interested in learning more about how Fluid can optimise your day-to-day project management, book a demo and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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