Minutes in Minutes

Run your meetings through Fluid.work's meeting module, and get automated agenda templates, action logging, automated minutes and more.

Save time on admin work, increase the effectiveness of your meetings, and use your time to do the really important things!

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Automated minutes

Share your minutes within minutes. With one click you are able to distribute formatted minutes to everyone as soon as the meeting ends.

Pre Built Agenda Templates

Find what you need, when you need it, at the click of a button. All your meeting agenda items, notes, actions and decisions, with status updates and historical conversation, immediately accessible in one place.

Async Meetings

Liberate your inbox! Keep the meeting discussion and updates in Fluid, and enjoy the benefit of having everyone aware of the conversation at all times.

Action & Decision Logging

Don’t wait for the next session to ask for what you need. Assign actions and decisions directly from the meetings chat stream to keep the purpose of your meeting moving forward between sessions.

Meeting Dashboards

Get the information you need to assess meeting performance, see meeting series actions, resolve issues and consistently run better meetings.

Integrated Action Lists

As members provide feedback on their assigned actions from their to-do list, the meeting action log is automatically updated.

Meeting Effectiveness Metrics

Performance reporting makes your meetings truly measurable in terms of their value and efficiency. Track average meeting length, attendance, actions completed on time and more.

Decision Tracking

Fluid.work makes it easy to record, track and refer back to every decision made on the program - regardless of where the decision originates from.

Meeting Templates

Use our library of Best Practice Meeting Templates for all the status update, reporting and governance meetings you need, or create your own custom  re-usable templates in seconds.

Asynchronous Meetings

Engage with meetings even when you can’t attend with them in person. Comment on agenda items, make decisions and move work forward. No more repeat meetings due to timeslot conflicts.

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