Manage your entire project lifecycle in one platform

Whether you are a project or program manager or resource, a PMO Head, Portfolio manager, Project Sponsor, or Business Exec, Fluid's Project module caters for the needs of everyone.

Plan, manage and collaborate on all of your project work in one place. Provide automated reporting up the line, and have real time views with interactive dashboards across projects, programs and portfolios.

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Centralised Dashboards

See all of your projects and programs in a central, filterable, interactive dashboard. Filter based on the information you need to see, and save your dashboards for future use.

One space to work

Everything around your project in one single workspace. View and update statuses, schedules, risks, actions, financials, resourcing and more. Upload project documents, link your meetings and boards, and use as a single view of the entire project ecosystem.

Show me the money

Track full project financials in, and use reports and financial dashboards to see how your project financials are performing against plan.

All in One is a true all in one solution, covering everything such as status reporting, actions &decisions, planning, financials, resourcing, time sheeting, benefits tracking and more.

Cross Methodology is designed to be used with multiple methodologies. Run projects in a traditional waterfall approach using Gantt charts, or swap to Kanban/Sprint boards for Agile, or even combine the ways you work into a hybrid model.

Automated Reporting

Tired of spending days preparing reporting packs that are thrown away the second the meeting is done? Automate your packs, but still use your own branding, own templates and own format.

Link your Meetings

Projects have a lot of meetings. Status meetings, approval meetings, planning meetings and so on. Link your meetings into your project so that all actions and decisions that arise in a meeting are automatically captured against your project.

Full Financials Capability has full project financials capability. We cover forecasts, actuals, variances, amortisation, capitalisation, multi-currency, tranche funding and more.

Resourcing done Right

Manage project resourcing with We cover named resources, unnamed resources, placeholder resources, capacity management, partial allocations, time tracking, skill pools and more.

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