The unique Fluid integration with Azure DevOps

The unique Fluid integration with Azure DevOps

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps (DevOps) is a platform from Microsoft, particularly favoured by tech teams to manage projects. DevOps aims to speed up development, testing and application deployments by bringing together development and operation teams. Aside from aiding better collaboration, DevOps spans the complete software development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment.Not using Azure DevOps? Is your tech team a Jira house? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered.

How can the Fluid and DevOps integration help you?

Getting a read on tech team progress doesn’t have to be complicated. We know that it can be tricky to navigate your IT team’s AzureDevOps boards - unless you’re in the thick of tech life, Azure DevOps can be less than user friendly! Fear not, project managers can now understand the status of tech deliverables, without having to learn ‘tech-speak’ with the Fluid and DevOps integration.

Why has Fluid integrated with DevOps?

Simply put, we’re better together! This integration allows project managers to continue to use Fluid to manage their entire project, and tech teams to update one platform for their progress. The integration enables Fluid and DevOps to talk to each other, sending high-level deliverables from Fluid Kanban boards or Gantt Charts, over to DevOps which gets logged as tasks, issues, epics, ready for iteration, implementing, creating links, relationships, sprints etc.

Whatever project you’re working on, you are busy, and time is of the essence. Project managers need clear reporting and visibility of deliverables and when they are due to be completed. When your tech teams use DevOps, it can be a little difficult to navigate between all the tasks and sprints to find the information you really need. Unlike most integrations, Fluid doesn’t just duplicate all deliverables into DevOps and vice versa, instead, each platform only gets the information the individual really needs to see. This saves valuable time for both project managers and tech teams and provides clear visibility and transparency too.

How does the Fluid integration with DevOps work?

As tech teams work their way through sprints, any status updates they make to tasks on DevOps will automatically be synced back to Fluid as progress for that particular deliverable as a whole, regardless of how many tasks it was chopped up into on DevOps. This two-way communication betweenFluid and DevOps means that tech teams can continue to work in their processes, on a platform that best suited to the technical nature of their work and iterations, without having to update two platforms (or have project managers chase them to update!). Project managers also benefit from ‘not having to speak tech’ to get a clear update on progress for an entire deliverable – it’s a win-win for both parties!

Example of a sprint

How to set up a Fluid and DevOps integration

Setting up the integration with DevOps is easy and only takes 3 steps:


1. On the Fluid integrations page, you can give the integration to DevOps a unique name and turn the integration to ‘active’. Be sure to input the token, select the correct board for integration, and of course input organisation and username.  

2. Complete the relevant data from DevOps that you want to integrate with: Area, teams in thatArea, the project and sprint. Our team are always on hand to support you with the integration should you need them.

3. Lastly, map the statuses, work items and any relevant field names to ensure they’re displayed correctly on both platforms.

And that’s the three steps done! Free yourself of double admin and make chasing tech teams a thing of the past. Keep everyone happy and save time, with the Fluid and DevOps integration.

When will the integration be available?

You can integrate your Fluid account with DevOps now. This can be set up using your existing accounts, simply get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to get started. If you don’t already have an account with us, get in touch with us today to learn all the ways that we can make your working life easier.

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