Black Friday Special: 80% off wasted time

Ok, it’s not a real Black Friday offer. But we’re giving you something better than money off a product you didn’t need to begin with (and that was probably cheaper last week 👀), we are giving you time back! (There’s no expiration on this offer either.)

Whether you want to sit at the dinner table with the whole family, or go to dinner alone to get away from the whole family, when the working day comes to an end, you should be packing up too.

We are firm believers that a good ppm tool helps to organise your projects, but a great solution saves you time by integrating seamlessly into your working day, making the faff of admin a thing of the past. We’re passionate about using effective software to afford users with a true work life balance.

Fluid helps you do just that by providing an all-in-one project, portfolio and program management solution to make your working day more efficient. Carefully designed with our customers in mind, Fluid makes collaborating simpler, more intuitive and overall easier to save you time.  

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