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Strategic portfolio management software for PMOs, finance, executives, transformation and change leaders. Fluid ensures your portfolio is always aligned with your strategic objectives, whilst giving you the tools to stay dynamic to constant change.

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Agile project management software that enables PMO teams to pivot fast


Visualize tasks, collaborate together and work your way

Reduce disconnects across the business. With all portfolio data centralised and accessible, Fluid provides a single source of truth, so you can foster a shared understanding with stakeholders and maintain effective alignment against your organisation’s strategy.


Optimise your resources for the biggest strategic impact

Full visibility into resource availability and allocations. Ensure limited resources are allocated to the most strategically aligned projects, maximising the overall impact on your organisational objectives.

Risks and Dependencies

Simplify tracking, mitigate risks, enhance success

It can be hard to clearly see all the complexities and interdependencies across your portfolio. Fluid makes it easy to track and mitigate all risks, actions, issues and decisions, minimising disruptions and maximising project success.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Streamlined portfolio data for informed, proactive decisions

Aggregating data across unique projects and measures doesn’t need to be complex. Use real-time insights into key metrics and overall portfolio performance to make informed decisions, proactively address issues, and ensure successful execution.

Adapting strategy and continuous improvement

Adopt a dynamic and adaptive approach

The need for flexibility vs stability. Easily model different strategic scenarios and assess their potential impact on your initiatives. Make data-driven adjustments across your portfolio and foster a culture of learning and agility.

“The agility Fluid provides has allowed us to adapt quickly to market changes and stay ahead of the competition.”

Executive Head: EPMO


Fluid offers an entire suite of functionalities I need to track and report on project costing and resource management. The ‘all-in-one’ aspect makes it a valuable place to house our project cost management.

Anna, Financial Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

I have worked on projects and programmes for over 25 years and used MS Project, MS Excel, Planview, Smartsheet and more recently Wrike but never seen such a comprehensive project management and PMO tool.

Rav, PMO Consultant

5 star PPM Software Provider

The financial reporting in particular impressed me - paired with resource management capabilities like unlimited rate cards, roles, capped hours and placeholder resources - the reporting on project, programme and portfolio level is brilliant.

Shannon, Infrastructure Programme Support Officer

5 star PPM Software Provider

My life has become much easier having Fluid! I am able to track my workflow daily. I am able to track each project and assign actions and make decisions on each live. This really helps in monitoring and execution.

Avinash, Senior Sales and Strategy Analyst

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is a structured software solution that handles Tasks, Meetings, Projects and Portfolio Management. It scales from being a departmental solution to being an enterprise solution.

Gary, Managing Director

5 star PPM Software Provider

Fluid is an all-in-one Work Management System platform. It gives visibility of all activities in your business, business unit, team, incl status, due dates, resources and budgets.

Nicolette, Special Project Manager

5 star PPM Software Provider

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How does strategic portfolio management relate to project portfolio management?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) has been a staple for over two decades, representing a category of centralised software solutions that enable organisations to manage multiple project portfolios. The primary goal is to align these projects with broader strategic objectives of the organisation and ensuring more informed decision-making. PPM shifts the focus from simply "doing a project right" to "doing the right projects," providing an objective and measurable approach to allocate resources strategically. However, more recently in 2017, Forrester Research introduced Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) to address limitations in PPM's departmental and bottom-up nature, especially in a rapidly changing digital landscape influenced by Agile methodologies and The Project Economy. SPM emphasizes continuous planning, unified planning with traceability from strategic initiatives to results, and the adoption of Agile planning. Gartner Research, in 2020, classified PPM as a commodity, with the market now divided between adaptive project management, focusing on execution, and Strategic Portfolio Management, concentrating on enterprise-wide strategy-to-execution alignment and adaptation. Gartner sees SPM as an effective way to articulate business strategies and act on associated outcomes.

What is strategic portfolio management software?

Strategic portfolio management software like Fluid is a tool that helps organisations in planning, executing, and aligning their project portfolios with their overall strategic initiatives. Strategic portfolio management tools help you optimise resources, enhance decision-making processes, and help maximise the overall value delivered by your organisation's projects.

What is the pricing structure for Fluid’s strategic portfolio management software solution?

We offer a flexible per-user pricing structure for our Strategic Portfolio Planning software solutions, designed to work around your unique requirements. Check out our pricing page for more information. Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for and we’ll work with you to find a quote that fits your budget and objectives.

What is the difference between PPM software and strategic portfolio management software?

PPM is more tactical, bottom-up, focusing on project-level details, such as effective planning, execution and governance. SPM is more strategic, ensuring projects and initiatives are aligned to with the overall business strategies, with an emphasis on continuous planning, unified strategy-to-execution alignment and constant adapting and in a rapidly changing Project Economy. The benefit you get with Fluid is that it is both PPM and SPM software combined.

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