Collaboration as Standard

Use's full range of Collaboration solutions to make sure your teams are on the same page no matter where they are based.

Use Workhubs for single views of work packages, use ChatHub for contextual collaboration, or even run aynchronous meetings to move work along continuously.

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A single view of who needs to do what by when.

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All your work into one hub

Bring all work of a certain type together in a Fluid WorkHub. Link projects, boards and meetings into one space to give you a single view. Great for business units to see all ongoing initiatives centrally.

Action Tracking

See all of your actions across multiple areas in one place. Actions from projects, boards, meetings, and chat, all laid out in a filterable action tracker for ease of use.

Work Insights

Don't just see everything centrally, understand it as well. Gain insights into all of the items flowing through your WorkHub with Work Insights.


You won’t find anything as powerful or collaborative as Fluid’s WorkHub. Access it from anywhere, making it highly conducive to Remote Working, by bringing all your work into one space.

Workhub Filtering

With WorkHub’s powerful filtering tool, you’re only ever a few seconds away from creating the perfect view of what’s really going on with a project you’re working on.

Keep it Relevant

Add, edit, remove and link only the relevant parts of work (meetings, actions, decisions, minutes, clients, projects, boards and documents) that you need to see.

ChatHub creates a chat channel for everything, from projects to meetings and more. Navigate your channels to keep on top of any chat within the solution.

Contextual Collaboration

Every item on has chat functionality, even actions, decisions, tasks. Collaborate in context on items, tag people, assign actions through chat, and ditch the emails.

Asynchronous Meetings

Create meetings with decisions, actions and topics for discussion but then don’t attend them! At least not in person. Work asynchronously through Fluid meetings to drive the work froward, without the need for conventional meeting timeslots. 

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