We are all about the 3 V's. Vision, Values, and Very nice people

Let's start with the Fluid Vision, because our vision is not to sell software, not to sell a product, not to sell numbers. It's to make a difference.

The Fluid Vision

To provide a world class project and work management solution that not only improves the way projects are run globally, but also improves the lives of each individual who uses Fluid; by saving them time, reducing stress, and allowing them the time to maintain a proper work life balance.

We have a vision. Check. That's step one, having a vision and believing in what you want to accomplish. But how do you make it a reality?

That's step 2. Values. By working within a set of values that keep you on the path to your vision. So what are the Fluid Values?

The Fluid Values

People First : Our staff and clients come first always. We live this value by treating everyone with respect, providing great service and going the extra mile for anyone

Transparent: We talk openly and honestly with everyone internal and external. We raise any issues, big or small, and we deal with them together.

Principled: Always looking to do the right thing, being conscientious polite and friendly, speaking out and challenge accepted thinking for the greater good.

Motivated: always looking to overcome obstacles and move forward to ensure excellence

Understanding: Realizing that we are all people. We will make mistakes, but we learn and grow. We have empathy for each other, and help each other when it is needed.

These values aren't just for us as a company, but they are things we look for in anyone we work with. Be it suppliers, partners, consultants etc. These Values are a Fluid way or life, and a Fluid way of working.

So we have a Vision, and we have Values. What's missing? Easy. the people to make it all happen. To live the values, and achieve the vision. The Very Nice People.

That’s our staff, our clients, our families, our networks etc. It's the people that we have surrounded ourselves with on this journey to reach the Vision. People who live the Values like us.

So the right people, living the right values, aiming for the right vision = a perfect combination. A combination to be extremely proud of.

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