What the actual F?!: The rebrand story of Fluid

November 14, 2022
min read

What the actual F?!: The rebrand story of Fluid

November 14, 2022
min read

You’ve got your coffee, grabbed a biscuit, sat down and opened up Fluid (only the one solution instead of the ol’ 5 different apps you used to open) and - gasp 😱! Something's different.

What the actual F?! is going on?!

We’ve had a makeover - Welcome to the fresh face of Fluid!  

A new aesthetic and energy, a brand to truly reflect who we are now and the journey we’ve been on. Our new Fluid brand is full of colour; bright and bold like the moves we make, whilst remaining sleek and intuitive and keeping all the key things you love about us.  

Why the new look? 🎨

To give you a bit of a backstory, we were founded in 2014 by someone who had a gripe with how much time was being spent in the office after hours, trying to upload a day’s worth of work onto project management software that was doing anything but optimising their working day. The truth is, we’ve grown so much over the last few years and we didn’t really feel like our old clothes fit us anymore.  

We’ve helped more businesses across the world optimise their project management and boost productivity, whilst expanding our team to keep providing that great human-touch to our SaaS solution. So, one day, we looked at each other across the table, (you know, those virtual tables you can use as your video call backgrounds), and said “we need a new look”. Then we made one (using Fluid, the best PPM tool to help us plan the whole project of course).  

Thanks to our investment from Praetura Ventures earlier this year, we are able to elevate our brand to take us to the next level.  

'What were you thinking?"

We were thinking we needed something that better reflected our team and conceptualised our values as a whole. We are always evolving; improving, innovating and we don’t settle for the existing, which is exactly what we wanted our new brand to resonate with.  

We wanted to breathe some new energy into our website, making it more cohesive and user-friendly. Our new website rejuvenates the overall brand experience, aligning it more closely to the entire customer experience we pride ourselves on providing.  

What does this mean for me? ✋

Nothing really, we just knew you would be beavering away working on projects and wondering why we looked so pretty. Brand new logo and website, same ever-evolving, reliable software and people. We are still just as committed to providing you with a seamless all-in-one PPM solution to make your working day that much easier.  

Find out how other teams like yours are working a better day.

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