June 6, 2023
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Last updated:
October 5, 2023

Standardise projects and drive consistency with Project Templates 

June 6, 2023
min read
Last updated:
October 5, 2023

Standardise projects and drive consistency with Project Templates 

Ensuring standards across all projects in your portfolio requires significant time and effort to stay on top of. Project teams often struggle to maintain consistency across multiple projects and large portfolios, leading to inefficiencies and increased risk. 

But what if you could save time managing this while ensuring all projects are on the same level? 

Introducing Project Templates, a brand new feature created to ensure all projects are created in the right way, from the start. 

Use Project Templates to optimise your project creation process: from ensuring all project information is present from the start, to reporting on every detail needed during execution. 

What are project templates? 

Project templates are an easy way to pre-package all information required for a project, before it’s created. 

They provide a standardised approach to project planning, ensuring consistency and facilitating the adoption of methodologies like Agile

Why use project templates? 

Simply put, they help drive project standards and ensure all the correct information is captured from the start. 

Use them to:  

  • Provide a standardised approach, ensuring consistency across projects 
  • Ensure consistent implementation of project methodologies 
  • Drive a positive impact on project execution through a consistent approach of managing timelines and risks 
  • Give your project managers precious time back. No need to create projects from scratch 
  • Ensure projects comply with your organisation's standards and policies  
  • Implement quality assurance to help ensure project deliverables meet the required standards 
  • Streamline the overall project management process 

Improve project execution and risk management  

Provide a solid starting point for all new projects with predefined project schedules, lists of actions, and associated impacts. Your project managers can kickstart projects with confidence, saving valuable time and effort. 

Create a standardised approach for your PMO 

Establish consistent processes, methodologies, and documentation formats across projects and save valuable time. Project templates play a pivotal role for PMOs in maintaining compliance with organisational standards and integrating quality assurance checkpoints. By incorporating predefined templates into the project management process, organisations can streamline workflows and increase overall efficiency. 

Optimise for your way of working 

Our project templates are not a one-size-fits-all, they can be customised around your processes and governance. You have the flexibility to either customise existing templates or create new ones tailored to specific project types, such as domain-specific projects, change management projects, or regulatory projects. 

Streamlining and standardising reporting with Fluid 

Fluid's Project Templates enable you to streamline and standardise reporting, saving you time and effort. With binding elements and formatting options, you can create templates that pull through project-specific data into Word or PowerPoint reports. Whether you choose Word or PowerPoint templates, you have the flexibility to export sub-project content and maintain rich formatting. 

Start driving better project consistency now! 

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