How Fluid helped boost project productivity at AA warranties

How Fluid helped boost project productivity at AA warranties

AA Warranties, a brand of Advantage Motor Protector(AMP) who specialise in developing and administering motor mechanical breakdown warranties, have streamlined their processes with our help 🎉. Significant changes have been made to simplify the management of projects, and as more team members adopt Fluid, even more benefits are being realised.

Jared (our CEO) is no stranger to complicated project management systems, having worked in the industry himself for over 20 years’ - “With no formal system for project tracking and management, it’s nearly impossible to find information on a project. Only 40-50% of tasks are being completed on time.”

Nicolette Mandelstam, AA Manager: Special Projects gives her take on how Fluid has changed life at AA Warranties:

“Fluid is the easiest way to get a single view of who needs to do what, by when across any ecosystem. This innovative managed service framework has helped enormously to increase productivity.

AA Warranties had no formal project management process and limited tools to manage projects with. We had many projects on the go with no overall view of statuses. There wasn’t a standard across the business which resulted in various levels of successful implementation. We had basic project management tools, but tracking progress was an ineffective manual process. We then started using Fluid, and it immediately made a significant impact on how our projects are tracked and statuses updated.”

An all-in-one solution

“Everything related to the project is now in one place, from the project schedule to the project documents to minutes of meetings and updates. As a project manager, I used to spend hours every week updating the status of projects.

Now, each owner updates the status which gives me time to review the updates and I have the option to provide concise or detailed feedback to management. They also now have a bird's-eye view of all projects, the status, achievements, and next steps in one dashboard. And they can drill into each project at the click of a button.

One place where we can access everything related to any project is the biggest benefit. One place to update and get updates.Furthermore, the bulk edit function makes updating the schedule a breeze.”

“As a Project Manager, it’s changed my world”

“The meeting module makes project status meetings much more effective and structured. Risks, issues, dependencies, changes, decisions, actions, statuses, project documents are all in one place. All team members have access to all project info. You don’t need to sift through hundreds of emails to get what you need from a project.

As a project manager, it has changed my world.Everything is one place and everyone can access everything related to the project. Absolutely amazing service. It feels like Fluid is an extension of our team rather than a service provider. The service is fast and personal.”

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