Fluid: Project Management software you actually want to use

Fluid: Project Management software you actually want to use

So, how do you make project management software sound…interesting?

Bear with us…

We’re all too aware that no one really likes project management software. We’re a product of necessity, here to make your life easier throughout the day, allowing you to get on with being a world-beating business, and forgetting about us the moment you log off. 

Who are we? 

There’s a pretty straightforward sentiment at Fluid’s core — a genuine desire to make day-to-day working life easier, and more importantly, to ensure work-life balance is a thing that actually exists. 

In the simplest terms possible, Fluid is an all-in-one project, program and productivity software suite built to be a platform you actually want to use.

Whether it’s automating the dull stuff like minute-taking, getting rid of infuriatingly pointless meetings that should have been emails or offering real-time insights into the status of multiple projects, Fluid tackles the biggest pain points we associate with work head-on. 

By combining all the same features offered by enterprise-level software with the richness and usability of consumer-facing software, you can still seamlessly manage a global, remote-working team of hundreds, keeping on top of multiple projects all at once, but do so via a simple, one-page workspace that doesn’t destroy your soul each time you open it.  

Why do we do what we do?

Some tools you have to use. Microsoft Word, Teams, in a modern working world, these platforms are unavoidable and on the whole, don’t actually add too much extra stress. 

Traditional project management software though, while now equally as essential, hasn’t quite caught up. Rather than helping us organise our day, tedious admin tasks spill over into our evenings and weekends, and the very thing that is meant to help us achieve that elusive work-life balance ends up having the opposite effect. 

Software should give you more than you give it. Though, anyone who regularly works with big, corporate project management tools will know that it feels more like doing a tax return than actually helping you.

After years spent persevering with these tools through gritted teeth and the alarmingly frequent mutterings of curse words, ones we definitely can’t repeat here, Fluid was built to provide a desperately-needed alternative that puts a smile on your face, rather than money in the swear jar.  

We see Fluid as a lifestyle tool as much as a business one, born out of our own founders’ frustration at work getting in the way of important life stuff like picking the kids up from school, stress-free conversations around the dinner table, that kind of thing.

There’s this misconception in the IT world, that being able to write complex code makes someone smart. We tend to prefer the idea that simple software which actually helps people is far more worthwhile than smart software which helps no one. 

Fluid has been built to be intentionally passive, a tool that quietly does the dirty work in the background without you even realising it. We’ll be the first to admit we’re not changing the world, but if we help a person reclaim those lost hours, we’ve done our job. 

So, how did we do? Alright, we hardly expect you to be talking about PPM software on a first date anytime soon. That being said, our aim is to make sure you can get there without any lingering worries about that email you may or may not have sent, and with the peace of mind that you’ve been working on the things that matter.

Try Fluid for free and see how we can solve your PPM needs.

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