How Fluid saves Old Mutual's Project Managers 8 hours per week


The Challenge

Before using Fluid, MFC managed their strategic initiatives via Excel, PowerPoint, or MS Teams. Their PMs were spending 4-8 hours per week manually updating and sending requests for updates to each stakeholder and then reviewing and consolidating a consumable information pack.

The Outcome

Adopting Fluid has enabled MFC to streamline and automate their processes and given them a central space to manage all their strategic initiatives. The single source of truth has enabled them to proactively act on the data and pivot faster.






Financial Services and Insurance

We recently sat down with MFC - a division of Old Mutual to discuss their experience using Fluid. Here's how it went:

Fluid: Can you give a quick overview of your company?

MFC: Mass & Foundation Cluster (MFC) is one of the largest customer-facing business segments in Old Mutual. We offer a wide range of financial services products to customers in the low income and lower middle income markets. These range from funeral cover and a limited underwritten Life cover solution to a fully underwritten Life Cover product.

Fluid: Before Fluid, how were you managing your projects/initiatives?

MFC: Before using Fluid, we managed our Strategic Initiatives via Excel and PowerPoint or MS Teams. We used to manually update and send requests for updates to each stakeholder and then review and consolidate a consumable information pack.

Fluid: How much extra time, resources and money do you think that was costing the business?

MFC: 4 – 8 hours per week between PM’s and administrators as well as SME’s.

Fluid: When looking into our product, what stood out the most?

MFC: Central space for source of truth for all our initiatives, which can be updated quickly and structured in a consumable way. Also the tailored reporting templates that could be extracted into valuable and visual information.

Fluid: How has Fluid helped improve your processes?

MFC: From a strategic initiative tracking perspective, it helped us:

  • Streamline our processes
  • Enhanced quality of information
  • Improve our monitoring and tracking of the health of our initiatives
  • More efficient in producing our reports

Fluid: Where has Fluid had the biggest impact?

MFC: The workflow management capability. For example, the Kanban board where we can manage actions, decisions, tasks more visibly to ensure transparency and accountability.

Fluid: How do you measure what success looks like with the product?

MFC: Being able to trust the data and make decisions. With everyone using Fluid to update their initiatives in real time allows us to be able to extract the information required and understand how the initiatives are tracking and identify any risks and issues that need immediate attention without the need to confirm with anyone.

The ability to prompt via the tool, the immediate actions and decisions required to the relevant stakeholders to ensure efficient turnaround times for resolution.

Fluid: How do the wider team rate Fluid?

MFC: Change management is always a challenge but with continuous use of the tool, users are able to see the benefits of using Fluid for managing their daily activities within their initiatives and become promoters for Fluid.

Fluid: What's it like working with us? Do you feel supported?

MFC: It has been an amazing experience working with the Fluid team. You have been accommodating, patient, always willing and available to help and support us in every way. You've treated us as a partner in our efforts to implement Fluid within our business.

Fluid: Would you recommend us to others?

MFC: Yes, absolutely. If you need to manage your initiatives with effective governance and a process-driven methodology, then Fluid is the tool for you. Your whole strategic portfolio of initiatives will be in one central place and you will have the ability to extract valuable information required to support you in making strategic decisions in order to meet your business outcomes.

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